Differential regulation of macrophage activation by the MIF cytokine superfamily members MIF and MIF‐2 in adipose tissue during endotoxemia

Bethesda, Md / FASEB (2020) [Journal Article]

The FASEB journal
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Page(s): fj.201901511R


Selected Authors

Kim, Bong‐Sung
Tilstam, Pathricia V.
Arnke, Kevin
Leng, Lin
Ruhl, Tim

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Piecychna, Marta
Schulte, Wibke
Sauler, Maor
Frueh, Florian S.
Storti, Gabriele
Lindenblatt, Nicole
Giovanoli, Pietro
Pallua, Norbert
Bernhagen, Jürgen
Bucala, Richard