Prof. Dr. Julio Saez-Rodriguez



Julio Saez-Rodriguez

Joint Research Center for Computational Biomedicine (JRC-COMBINE)


+49 241 80 89347



Computational Biomedicine, Network modeling

At the interdisciplinary Joint Research Center for Computational Biomedicine (JRC-COMBINE), a joint venture of RWTH Aachen University, RWTH Aachen University Hospital, and Bayer Technology Services we combine advanced modeling technologies and systems biology approaches with expertise from industry and academia to provide tangible benefit for clinics, industry and society at large.

Within the JRC-COMBINE, the Saez-Rodriguez group focuses on acquiring a functional understanding of the deregulation of signalling networks in disease and to apply this knowledge to novel therapeutics. This deregulation in how cell process and react to extracellular information is a hallmark of multiple pathological conditions. Our main application is cancer, but we also work on metabolic and auto-immune diseases.



  • Network biology, in particular mechanistic modelling of signal transduction and its interaction with metabolism and gene regulation
  • Analysis of proteomic/phosphoproteomic data
  • Analysis of drug screenings, linking genomic and other molecular data to drug response

Joint Interest of JRC-COMBINE

Experimental collaborators with interest in human disease and drug discovery, in particular in cancer, that generate large-scale data sets to address these questions, specially proteomic and drug-screenings.



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