Research Training Grant ME3T


The recently approved DFG Research Training Grant (RTG) "Mechanobiology in Epithelial 3D Tissue Constructs" (ME 3T) will train doctoral researchers in the burgeoning fields of mechanobiology and tissue engineering. The doctoral researchers will examine how mechanical stimuli regulate tissue morphogenesis and remodeling based on the hypothesis that the micromechanical niche determines cellular responses which in turn modify the cell's mechanical niche. Understanding and controlling this mechanobiological feedback cycle offers novel prospects for steering tissue morphogenesis and remodeling in order to interrupt pathological processes and produce functional tissue substitutes. The research will focus on epithelia consisting of tightly linked cells at mechanophysical boundaries, which are exposed to tremendous mechanical stress and strain.

The German Research Council (DFG) will support the training of 13 doctoral researchers with ~5 million Euro. These doctoral researchers together with additional associated doctoral researchers will be coached by 9 supervisors from 5 faculties of RWTH Aachen University, 1 supervisor from Forschungszentrum Jülich and 1 supervisor from the University of Erlangen together with 10 junior supervisors. The RTG will be headed by Prof. Rudolf Leube (Speaker) and Prof. Rudolf Merkel (Vice Speaker).


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