iGEM Team Aachen Wins Gold Medal in Boston

  The iGEM Team Aachen 2015 Copyright: iGEM Team Aachen

In late September the iGEM competition 2015 ended with the 5-day Giant Jamboree. The Team Aachen also participated with their project UMICS - Upcycling Methanol Into a Universal Carbon Source to confirm with support of the profile area MSE their excellent results from last year's competition.

In this context the Aachen students challenge with one of todays major issues: The independency of industry from oil. They chose the pathway to a sustainable carbon economy, being decoupled from bioeconomy of plants at the same time. Therefore the impending conflict of industrial and food production can be prevented. Methanol was chosen as a starting material, as this can be efficiently produced from CO2 and water. However Methanol is toxic towards most microorganisms. Hence a metabolic pathway has been implemented into the bacteria e. coli, which enables the conversion of Methanol into the carbon source glycogen. This can find universal use in many bio processes. According to the tradition of the iGEM Team Aachen the biological part of the project has been combined with the hardware part in a miniature reactor with continuous analytics being constucted by the do-it-yourself principle. This appeared to be cost efficient and easy to realize.


Award for Best Manufacturing Project

Together with 280 teams from all over the world the results have been presented at the Giant Jamboree in Boston, MAt. The iGEM Team Aachen convinced the jury and fulfilled all criteria to achive gold satus, as last year. In Addition the project was nominated for best software tool and awarded to be best manufacturing project. Therefore last year's great succes has been taken up again.