Prof. Dr. Elmar Weinhold



Elmar Weinhold

Institute of Organic Chemistry


+49 241 80-94044



Bioconjugation, Enzyme, Nucleic Acids, Nucleoside, Synthesis

The main research activities are in the field of bioorganic chemistry/chemical biology and focus on the development of new molecular tools for functional genomics and proteomics. These tools are mainly based on methyltransferases (MTases), a class of enzymes that methylates various substrates like DNA, RNA, proteins and small molecules and serves a broad variety of biological functions ranging from epigenetics to metabolism.



Organic synthesis (cofactor analogues, modified oligonucleotides), biophysical chemistry (fluorescent binding studies), biochemistry (labeling of DNA, RNA and proteins, photo-cross­linking)



Searching for applications of AdoMet analogues in biological methylations (in vitro and in vivo) and in sequence-specific labeling of DNA, RNA or proteins (SMILing, mTAG).



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