Prof. Dr. Andreas Schuppert


Computational Biomedicine, Disease Modeling

JRC for Computational Biomedicine
is a 100% RWTH/UKA institution, but with significant funding from industry (Bayer). Our research is dedicated on the development of computational tools which enable us to

  • utlilize the world-wide available data in today’s (and even more tomorrows) data-rich world in biology and medicine
  • to extract that relevant information with respect to clinical therapy outcome
  • to realize precision medicine by stratification of patients wrt. optimal drug selection
  • predict drug efficacy and risk of side effects in clinics from broad cell-based screening panels
  • use the data from cell-based screening to learn the underlying biological modes of action for drugs
  • model stress response / cross-talk of stress response effects in organisms (e.g. plants)


  • Disease modeling
  • Translational & Cross species modelling
  • Clinical patient monitoring and stratification
  • Mathematical concepts for hybrid machine learning

Joint Interest

Experimental collaborators with interest in human disease and drug discovery, in particular in cancer, that generate large-scale data sets to address these questions, specially proteomic and drug-screenings.