Prof. Dr. Lars M. Blank



Lars Blank

Institute of Applied Microbiology


+49 241 80 26600



Applied Microbiology

We work on contributions to the bioeconomy. The long term goal is rational whole-cell biocatalyst engineering. This requires a solid understanding of the operation of the underlying metabolic network.



Applied microbiology, with focus on Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology.
Engineering microbial whole-cell biocatalysts for the synthesis of valuable molecules from renewable resources. Metabolic network modelling (from optimization of microbes to pathogen – host interaction investigations via multi-scale modelling (molecular mechanism, cell, tissue, organism).
Advanced analytics of microbial metabolism (including stable isotope-based flux analysis via GC-MS, GC-MS/MS).



The choice of valuable compounds is not trivial for us; hence a clear motivation for valuable compounds is highly welcome. High performing enzymes or expertise in structure/function relationships, advanced massspectroscopy, NMR and next generation sequencing. Small molecule purification from fermentation broth. Microbial infection expertise.



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