Prof. Dr. Carsten Bolm



Carsten Bolm

Institute of Organic Chemistry


+49 241 80 94675



Synthesis, Catalysis, Bioactivity, Sulfur

We are interested in the preparation of bioactive molecules being applicable in medicinal sciences and crop protection. Focusing on compounds with specific sulfur-based functional groups (called sulfoximines and sulfilimines) we synthesized a variety of molecules and tested them on COX inhibition activity/selectivity, antiproliferative effects on cancer cell growth and other properties such as LTB4 and TNF bindung. Together with colleagues from the RWTH medical school and the biology department the cellular toxicity and mutagenicity were examined.



Synthesis (of small functional) organic molecules with a focus on enantioselective catalysis, asymmetric synthesis, bioactive compounds, mechanochemistry, biomass conversion, sulfur and fluorine chemistry.



Support in the discovery and analysis of potential bioactivities.



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