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Dominik Wöll

Institut für Physikalische Chemie


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FLAMENCO - high resolution FLuorescence microscopy Applied in Molecular Science and ENgineering COmpetence center

Modern fluorescence microscopy offers a great potential for the profile area MSE. Both in-situ and operando measurements can be performed with this technique and they allow the simultaneous gathering of spatial, temporal and spectral information. Furthermore, fluorescence methods are of such high sensitivity that with the help of optimised microscopes the investigation of single molecules, their movement and their environment is possible. Until recent years fluorescence microscopy was restricted by the diffraction limit, which prevented a visualisation of structures in the nanometerscale. High resolution fluorescence microscopy methods can overcome this physical limit. The significance of this progress was underlined with the nobel prize in chemistry 2014.

The aim of the competence center is the gain of experience and competence in the area of high resolution fluorescence microscopy and its application in the profile area. We closely collaborate with ACTIVE (Aachen Center for Biomedical Image Analysis, Visualization and Exploration) and the competence center raman spectroscopy (RamAC) zusammen.

To the image video of the profile area MSE

2nd Workshop Competence Center FLAMENCO (09/26/17)

11/30/17: IPC Kolloqium Prof. A. Klymchenko (Univ. de Strasbourg) about "Smart Fluorescent Molecules and Nanoparticles for Bioimaging

12/12/17 IPC Kolloqium Prof. J. Hofkens (KU Leuven, Belgium) about "The power of one: what can we learn form single molecule measurements?"